Deck Coating


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Offshore Deck Coating

Heavy duty, self levelling, non slip deck protective coatings with thickness form 3 mm to 5 mm DFT. The  PEROCKDECK 506 & 310  can be installed within 4 hours and fully cured after  1 hour even at low ambient temperature (10 ° C). Exceptional mechanical resistance and long lasting performance (over 1-years on oil rigs). Used on oil rigs in the North Sea for maintenance and on Spanish tuna ships for new construction and maintenance.

The Neutrant HT 411  is a surface tolerant. single-component protective coating with very powerful anti corrosion properties. Very easy manual application on piping (Up to 90 ° C). Especially suited for high ambient condition of application. A good alternative zinc-rich epoxy coatings when airless cannot be used especiallty on top side of oil rigs.

Main Features


Very High Mechanical Resistance

Optimum Friction Test Results


Suitable For Application Under Severe Weather Conditions


Minimum Down Time Due to Very Fast Curing Time


Very Good Deck Leveling Capabilities


User Friendly

Self - Leveling Solvent Free Non Toxic Material

PEROCDECK VS Normal Coating


  • Superior durability
  • High rate of application especially fr large areas with minimum surface preparation and product preparation.
  • Can be applied at very low temperature (+5°C) with high humidity level (up to 95%)
  • Applicable over irregular surfaces including weld seams, sharp edges or highly uneven adhered aged paint systems.
  • Deck leveling capability suitable to eliminate paddles and cavities retaining oil and grease. 
  • Fire resistance: M2 classification, with low smoke emission and no sudden loss of mechanical properties at high temperatures
  • No joins = no partd exposed to water penetration. Very low maintenance required.
  • Cost effective and easy to maintain: low material and labour costs. Easy to maintain with good uniformity of colours after repair.
  • No hazardous equipment used for the application of the material.

Bitumen Deck Tile Systems

  • Become brittle after some time.
  • Low rate of application due to surface preparation (elimination of profile irregularities by needle gunning), prodcut preparation and tiles adjustment.
  • The use of an epoxy compound implies restricted range of temperature
  • Not applicable over uneven surfaces, sharp edges, irregular plate profiles or highly uneven aged paint systems.
  • No deck leveling capabilty
  • To our knowledge no specific fire resistance and probable high smoke emission in case of fire
  • eventually joints may lead to inevitable water penetration resulting in major disbonding problems and high maintenance costs. 
  • Expensive and recurrent maintenance: High material and labour costs (high losses of material, low rate of application). Repairs usually end up in patchwork colours. 
  • Hazardous equipment might be needed for the application (tile heater).