PPWE @ Habitat

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Beyond Just Protective Barrier

Conducting hot work in a highly volatile environment requires more than a physical barrier. Positive Pressure Welding Enclosure (PPWE) @ Habitat is part of a sophisticated safety system encompassing consultation, risk assessment, detection and monitoring equipment and experienced technical personnel. 

Enhancing Safety, Adding Value

PPWE @ Habitat system has been inspected, tested and certified by SIRIM-QAS International. One habtat takes only minutes to install or dismantle once our Habitat team is deployed on-site after consultation, risk assessment and onshore mock-up. The speed of installation and dismantling mean fitters, habitat technicians and welders can get critical hot work done faster, reducing risk exposure.  Habitats allow hot work to be carried out safely without interrupting operations or production, saving operators up to 12 hours shutdown time with just one habitat. Thanks to a modular configuration, habitats can be built to any size. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Technology That Saves Lives

Each PPWE @ Habitat system is fitted with well calibrated safety equipment for ventilation, pressurization, hazard detection and monitoring, temperation control, ignition prevention, visibility and emergency response. Hot work only commences after a thorough inspection by qualified and experienced Habitat Supervisor. All PPWE @ Habitat panel equipment are manufactured and maintainced in compliance with SIRIM-QAS , IEC, IECEx, ATEX, OSHA and FM requirements. As an added layer of safety, habitat are monitored with a digital manometer featuring dual alarms triggered by internal pressure changes at 30 Pascal (warning) and 25 Pascal (emergency). The habitat system also includes a gas sensor unit that detects flammable and toxic gases within one second. 

Four Layers Of Physical Protection


Layer 1 

Aluminium foil backed by fiberglass technical textile

Layer 2 

Heavy-duty vermiculite and silicone coated fiberglass welding pad

Layer 3 

Heavy-duty welding curtain made of high silica technical textile with vermiculite coating

Layer 4

Heavy-duty double silicone coated fiberglass technical textile