Innovative Cladding Insulation

The Revolution of Insulation Cladding

Lenzing Insulation System is the perfect solution for the cladding of insulated pipes, ducts, boilers and equipment.

A product that combines optimal physical properties, 100% water tightness and vapor barrier resistance against climatic influences with appealing look and easy installation. This innovative jacketing system is the first product of its kind that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in all climatic conditions

Lenzing Jacketing is replacing costly and complex processable aluminium and stainless steel sheet cladding and has already started to revolutionize the insulation industry worldwide. 

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What is Lenzing Jacketing?

Lenzing Jacketing is multi layer construction that consists of several layers of thermoplastics and aluminium. This aluminium layer is acting as vapor barrier. The plastic layer give the construction the desired additional characteristics. The high tensile strength guarantees an excellent protection of the insulation against mechanical stress. This multi layer construction has a high stiffness and a very good recovery effect that avoids dents and wrinkles.

Lenzing Jacketing is 100% water tight. When installed properly by professionals this new jacketing system guarantees zero water permeability and very low values of water vapour transmission. Independent test laboratories continuously check the quality of the product to ensure highest quality according to international standards. Water tightness and vapour permeability are the most important quality criteria for any jacketing system.

Inhibiting water and water vapour from infiltrating the insulation guarantees optimal insulation characteristics and avoids corrosion of pipes, air ducts and equipments. A dry insulation is also the most important factor for a sustainable energy management. 

Up to 50% Installation Time Reduction

causes large installation cost savings.

Lenzing Jacketing is Easily Installed

with just a few simple tools.

Easy Transportation and Handling

Lenzing Jacketing is very light weight

Saltwater Resistant and Highly Chemicals Resistant

High Forces or Tension Can Be Absorbed 

without deformation or damage due to the unique memory effect of Lenzing Jacketing.

Available as a Complete Cladding System

including fittings, accessories and tools.

High UV Resistance and Physical Durability

making it the perfect choice for any climatic conditions.

Why Choose Lenzing Jacketing ?


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Lenzing versus normal cladding